Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Love Cooking

its been ages i do not wrote in english. so, today, i will! hehe. these few weeks really full with tests which made me real busy. nvm.

as the title above, i wanna tell something about cook. hehe. i just brought a rice cooker from my home as I and my friends decide to cook sometimes at our lovely (small) room at utm. haha. the rice cooker was just small in size yet we had plan so many things to cook with that. we bought all stuffs for cooking, and shopping like a housewife searching for groceries. haha. at first try, we were just cooked rice and kari ayam (but in can only). pity huh? still not able to cook the original kari ayam. im still in process to learn it okey^^ well, at second try, I did cook ayam masak merah and vegi. its kinda hard to cook all these just in a small pot. but I managed to do it. just imagine how long I took to cook it, I start cook at 10pm and finished around 12.30am. haha. it takes so much time. i think, my friends rather buy food at the cafe next time which take less less time than I cook. hahaha~ whatever it is, i love cooking ;) yuhuu

look tasty right?