Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Study Week Mode..

there's nothing special about this week. just facing boring days with full of BOOKS and revisions. ohh how nerdy i am. kikiki~ my first paper is on 3 Nov which is statics and and the last paper is calculus which at 10 Nov. its just a week. cant wait to finish it. it must be soo soo relief. maybe after dis i don't have time to blogging. must struggle to cover up all the 5 subjects. i'm so worried about basic C++ programming subject. ohh pls somebody help me!! and tomorrow i still have class of C++ even in study week. hopefully my lecturer will give some hint for the final.
hahahaha :DD

yesterday, i dont know how my pic did changed with another pic. it was changed with pic with lots of guys wearing baju melayu. i cant recognize anyone. it makes me wonder how can it be changed, blogger problems or anyone did it?? due to it i had changed my password for security. hoho~

ok, till here,
see ya :)