Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Raya 2008

i was so busy during the holiday and have no time to blogging. plus the internet connection at my hometown was so slow. and today i have free time to write about my hari raya. hehe. my family celebrated first day of raya at my hometown at muar johor (my dad's hometown). the theme for this eid is orange. we were just visiting close relatives on that day. just about 2-3 houses. and yeah my tummy was really3 full because i ate a lot of foods such as ketupat, rendang, kuih raya and etc. thats really delicious.

actually it was kinda boring day. hehe so we (me and my sis) went to shopping mall at muar, the glamourous and popular WETEX PARADE. hehe. i bought a shoes only and some windows shopping .the second day of raya we went to my mum's hometown at sekinchan selangor.and same activities, we were visiting relatives.some of them i dont even know..(nmpak sangat tak knl sedara..haha) i returned my home at subang at 4th day of raya. really tired but luckily im not the driver. sure it must be more tired. haha. these are some pics during the hari raya :)

my happy family :)


girls territory

4 siblings

love the scenery

me ain angah ima & sarah

me and zakiyah