Monday, September 22, 2008

Day Out

20 sept 

i dont have time to write here yesterday coz i feel so tired after got back from shopping. hehehe. yesterday i, lina and piza break fast at jusco (kfc) as all of us really want to taste the new flavor of chicken at kfc..actually we had plan to go with ika too but she always refuse to go at the last minutes. i dn know why? but many plans by us ends like dat. but its ok. as we arrived there, kfc was already fulled so we decide to eat after perform maghrib and shopping as well. so we just break fast with drinks and mexican bun from papa roti. hehe~after that i perform my solat (only me coz lina and piza got mc) :D surau was really crowded with ppl..

then after that we start to shop. i bought 4 items which are 2 shirt,1 sweater and 1 bag. the sweater was really cool. really love it! ^__^ i also change my watch's batteries. its been ages i do not use it coz no battery. i think since my matriculation. maybe coz i have other watch so i just ignored this watch. hehe. but no matter what, it is my fav watch! i love it soo much because it is different from my other watch as there are heart/love blinking around the number. after finished shopping we went to kfc to hv our meal. yummy3. i love kfc so much. the usual menu that i will order at kfc are, 1 set of snack plate (chicken=thigh,wing or drumstick), iced milo,cheezy wedges and add on 1 more coleslow..

then we return to utm by taxi. total spending for today around RM250..

pics of the day

me and lina

pinky ^^

21 sept
and today, we went out again coz yesterday we dont have much time to find our stuffs. but today we went with ika and izzudin (lina's bf) too. we plan to eat at pizza hut but like usual, it is already fulled. so we break our fast at the food court. our plan just like yesterday to eat a little and then have a meal after finished everything..

im not in good mood coz my PMS symptom make me felt uneasy cz it was really hurt. i hate this kind of things :( and due to it, my appetite was gone and i only eat 1 pieces of pizza instead of 3 pieces i ate usually. to little right. but what can i do..hikhik ;))

here are some pics for the only one who wore
pink and they were all wearing was like
im the princess and they were the followers..
hahahaha ^__^

do we look good wearing this hat?

flower four

starving face ;)

lina and izzudin..ehem3~

til here,

see ya diary