Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ramadhan Begin

yes, RAMADHAN had began but the first day of ramadhan i can't fasting due to a reason. hehe. cant mention it here. so, tomorrow is my 1st day fasting in this ramadan. i jz got back from tarawikh. we just perform tarawikh 8 rakaat in here.

ohh tarawikh in here(KTDI) is very comfortable coz we perform it in air-conditioner place. hehe. very cooled ^___^ not like before, for exmple at my matriculation, there were too many people (so crowded), but with less of fans. so its kinda uncomfortable. i hope i can do tarawikh full for this ramadhan..

for this eid i'll not going back to my home at subang coz my mom ask me just go back directly to my hometown at muar, which is my grandparents house coz they will get back there too. i already buy the ticket bus~lalala

yesterday, i have tried so hard to close my eyes but i can't. i dont feel sleepy at all. so as a result, i do not sleep till the morning and just make some revision in statics. then at class, yeah, i start to dreaming, flying to the sky..hahaha. too sleepy. wht can i do..? ;))))

til here, ill write soon..bye my diary ^____^