Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello Diary!

Ohh.. i haven't been blogging about my life for about one and half week .Well, this week I've been busy with my test and assignments. theres a lot of things to do but yet, i still love to sit in front of the laptop and online-chatting,blogging etc...hehehe. i know i had wasting a lot of time. ohh i must remember this 'time and tide wait for no man'. hehe. i love to do all my task at the last minutes. very good

everyday, i ll go to bazar to buy some food for break fast (ifthar). i ll spent,sometimes, more than RM10 a crazy. i ate a lot. haha but still not getting fat. the bazar quite far from my hostel and it took time to go there. once, i felt about to faint. haha (ngada2 je) usual things that i bought are rice with chicken, drinks, kuih muih, puding, ayam percik, chocolate cake (its delicious!), hmm what else eh. kebab, laksa and etc. too many items right. but not all of them fnish. haha. too bad~last wednesday i break fast at pizza hut. it was good cz its free. haha. lina's bro treat us. hehe. its been ages i do not eat at pizza. well garlic bread at pizza not very good for all i care. shakeys garlic bread much much better. hehe. how i miss it.

til here,