Friday, September 19, 2008

My Twin

ohhhh tomorrow i have electrical technology test,pray for me ok?? ill do my best for it. hehehe. today just like usual day. i have class at 9 until 5 which are calculus and intro to engineering(ie). but there was a tournament at ie class about chemistry topic that we had learn. its kinda interesting as we compete with every students from every section to win the prize. but the result stil not come out yet. i hope our team will win. hopefully~ ^^

today. at bazar. again and again everyone said that I and lina are twin coz have similar face. do we look real same? i wonder that. this time,the seller at bazar ask us whether we are twin. haha. we just admit that. before this,many people said that too :
  • my classmates (cat, skin, zahira, chi ching, aizudin, cipod,etc)
  • my coursemate (fiza, izzudin)
  • my lecturer (en zaki)
  • officer at LHDN
  • brothers at cafeteria
i cant remember it all but there are many of them. hehe. so we just admit that we are twin, im the younger and lina the eldest. thats fun to fooling around. sory guys! haha~

do we look like a twin???
ok i think dats all for today. i have to study e tech now. daaaa~