Friday, August 29, 2008


today, my class start from 8 til 5 pm. my bag is so heavy coz we were ask to bring our thick heavy text book. my first class is intro to engineering and we have a pop quiz. i thought we were just have presentation today. but its ok. the question is simple and not very tough..hehe..

my basic c class cancel today. soo happy. em i had took some pictures.well, thats my favvy :p

at english class..thats my lec

4 fren..lina,ika,me and shima

my thick and heavy text book

my colorful bag

my faculty

faculty of chemical and natural resources engineering

me,cat,ika and lynn

me and lynn

im really sick of the internet connection in here. it was so slow and always disconnected. how i wish the int cnnection will be sooo fast. it will make me not very tension while using it..hoho~