Thursday, August 21, 2008

My University Life

29th of june 2008.

that the first day of my life at my new 1st university- university of technology malaysia as known as UTM. til now, i had spent about 2 months there and lot of stories and memories during it. first, during my orientation week, we have pretty much of activities that we have to attend. we were rushing and no time to take a rest. fuh~even it is tiring, its enjoyable and great!

theres lot of talks given to us as we are new student who still didnt really know bout the systems here. even though it is beneficial but its so boring and we spent more time at the hall sleeping rather than listen to it. haha! blame the seats for being so comfortable for me to sleep ;))

for the sport festival at the last day of orientation day,our college ( KOLEJ TUN DR ISMAIL ) did won! yeah, KTDI best!