Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Routine

it is very great coz i don't have any class in monday. so i can rest 3 days during weekend - saturday, sunday, and monday. hehe. but my class in tuesday and thursday quite pack as the class start at 8am-5pm. 9 hours..but dn worry, i can manage it well. em,subject that chemical engineering course took for this semester are:

  1. statics
  2. electrical technology
  3. calculus
  4. basic C++
  5. intro to engineering
  6. english
i don't like basic C ++ subject coz for me it is complicated. hehe. i did skipped that class! :p sorry sir haikal..

everyday, i have to walk about 1-2 km to reach our faculty as it is located at the hills. it make me skinny day by day. haha. if i was lucky, there will be a bus go there. but not everytime i get the chance..

waiting the english lecturer

i just sat for my first test here which are statics, calculus and electrical technology. i already got the result except for calculus..for statics i only got 34/40, 85%, A. and my e tech was bad..just got 25/34, 73.5%, B+ hehe..waiting for my calculus result O_o

during study..take a break with nyam nyam...haha